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About Us

We specialize in fabrics made in Japan.

Our 44” cottons are made in Japan of high quality stock. We have a wide selection from many different manufactures. Of course we cannot offer everything from every company that we deal with, but we select fabrics that speak to us and we hope they also appeal to you.

We have the largest selection of Furoshiki. Our rayon Furoshiki is approximately 26 ¾” square and we have over 90 designs. They are great quilted, in art to wear, pillows and especially in wall hangings. Our large Furoshiki or large wrapping cloths range in size, from approximately 36” square to 47”square. They are all 100% cotton, easy to work with, and popular as quilted wall hangings. Our small cotton squares are approximately 18” square and as stated, 100% cotton. We have over 100 designs from scenery, botanicals, geishas, children and geometrics. They are great for quilts, wall hangings, art to wear, bags and more.

We have the largest selection of Sashiko kits, samplers, fabrics, threads and patterns. Sashiko was originally used to mend clothing and to make cloth stronger. Today it is a popular decorative art form that is limited only by your imagination.

Pat touring a Furoshiki manufacturing plant. Pat wondering if she should become an Apprentice.
Pat checking a loom. Much hand work is often required in the screening process.
Yes, buying fabric is hard work. The leader of the pack when she was just a baby.
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